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We develop and deliver Image Processing Systems for Security Printing Applications (Banknotes, Passports, Tax and Postal Stamps) to customer needs.


We use the latest powerful imaging computer hardware, high resolution cameras for B/W, Color, NIR, UV-Fluorescence, together with special light sources. Our experienced extendable modular image processing software‏ is very reliable and therefor delivers consistent accept / reject decisions with an excellent repeatability.


Print Inspection (banknotes and banknote sheets etc.):

- In/On-line, Offline, Stand-Alone, and Desktop

- B/W, Color, UV-Flourescence, IR

- Silk-Screen-Printing (OVI, MOVI (Spark), Iriodin-Stripe)‏

- Offset and Intaglio Print Inspection

- OVD Patches, Stripes and Windowed Threads

- Fluorescent Images and Fibers


Serial Number Inspection


- Reading, Recording, Number Verification, Printing Quality Check

- retrofitted on Numbering Machines

- on Cut-Pack Machines

- on Banknote Sorting Machines (as Serial Number Recorder or Shredder Monitor)‏


Sheet Identification and Tracing


- 100% reliable Camera Barcode Reader

- Marking-less Sheet Identification and Electronic Marking‏




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