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In the foothills of the Alps in Bavaria, at the point where the river Salzach flows into the river Inn, there lies Seibersdorf, approximately 50 km downriver from Salzburg and opposite the medieval town of Burghausen. The Castle of Seibersdorf which dates back to the 12th century, today creates the romantic and inspiring frame for the development of sophisticated high-tech products in the field of electronic image processing.


Since the early 80s of the last century we have taught computers how to see. Founded as BCS Bavarian Computer Systems GmbH we became pioneers in the development and the manufacturing of various image processing systems to be retrofitted on banknote and sheet sorting machines of G&D and on printing presses. Starting with the first high-speed serial number reader for banknote sorting machines more than 25 years ago, today BCS offers many on-line and off-line inspection systems for security printing world-wide.



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